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Sunday | 4 - 5
For boarding pick up and drop off only.

There are many coupons for prescription diets from Science Diet on display for k/d and the metabolic diet. If your pet is on either of these diets, stop by and get some coupons and food today! Or if you think your pet is a little chubby and might benefit from the Metabolic Diet, stop by and give it a try!

Is your cat easily stressed? Doesn't like new people, pets, or situations? Feliway may be able to help. Feliway is a synthetic imitation of the pheremones cats use to mark territories as safe. Feliway comes in a plug in for house use, or spray for travel and carriers. If you think Feliway might be beneficial to your cats, call or drop by to purchase or pick up a brochure for more information.

Pet Dental Health Month may be over but oral care is a must year round! We carry a range of products that can help protect your pet's teeth - diets, chews, toothbrushes, and toothpaste! Your pet's oral health affects many facets of your pet's overall health and living. By maintaining a clean mouth, preventing tartar buildup and removing abscessing teeth your pet's life can be greatly enhanced! Next time you're in, ask your vet about your pet's teeth!

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