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Monday - Friday | 9 - 5:30
Lunch 12 - 1:40

Saturday | 9 - 4
Lunch 12 - 1

Sunday | 4 - 5
For boarding pick up and drop off only.

February is Pet Dental Health Month! We will be highlighting our dental products so that you can learn how to provide the best possible oral home care to your pets.

It is a common misconception that your pet can't get fleas during the winter. This isn't true! Though flea activity may be decreased, fleas are a year-round pest! It is also much easier to stay ahead of the fleas and use preventatives every month than to try to play catch up in the spring.

We are pleased to announce and welcome a new doctor to our staff! Dr. Siri Veniola is a graduate of WSU, is very sweet and very caring. We are so happy to have her on board with us!

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